Mobile Blood Collection Unit St Lucia

Mobile Blood Collection Unit St Lucia

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Mobile Blood Collection Unit for St Lucia

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RAFFA/Blood4Life in collaboration with NHS Blood & Transplant International Services, with support from leading Diaspora NGO, St Lucia National Committee-UK have successfully donated a mobile blood collection unit to St Lucia.

Rudi Page, Global Diaspora Director, RAFFA International Development Agency UK, stated, ” We believe this is an important milestone for Diaspora involvement within the Global Health sector. The 3rd mobile blood collection unit for Organisation Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)¬† sub-region health sector and 4th mobile unit for CARICOM Region.

The success of this programme demonstrates the essential role of UK Caribbean Diaspora System Leadership across boundaries and it’s capability to provide Ministries of Health across the Caribbean region with additional capacity and resources¬† to provide high quality, easily accessible and sustainable services for their populations.

We recognise the instrumental role of Bertram Leon, SLPM, Chairman, St Lucia National Committee UK for making the connections with St Jude Hospital, who enabled us to establish the health needs of St Lucians and High Commissioner Guy Mayers, representing the Ministry of Health and Wellness to complete the process of delivery”.

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