NHSBT Evaluation of RAFFA

NHSBT Evaluation of RAFFA

RAFFA’s project, ‘God loves a donor’, aimed to reach black and Asian Christians in the Birmingham area. It also encouraged places of worship to register as organ donation campaigners and equip voluntary nurses with information to lead awareness talks in spiritual settings.

Angela Clarke from RAFFA said: “The Community Investment Scheme has been a great opportunity to raise awareness of organ donation in the faith community. For our community, the perception that organ donation goes against religious belief can be a real barrier to considering organ donation.

“To break down these barriers RAFFA engaged the community in a number of health education awareness raising receptions aimed at demystifying the myths about organ donation as life saving benefits with shared experiences of living organ recipients.

“We have encouraged over 300 people of varying ages to become organ donors. The Community Investment Scheme provided constant support, information and advice throughout which enhanced the collaborative working partnership”.

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