Responding to Afghanistan Refugee Crisis

Responding to Afghanistan Refugee Crisis

Responding to Afghanistan Refugee crisis

Grace and peace in abundance to you. It is our prayer and hope and this finds you all well.

We are aware that many local churches, and community groups would like to know how to help refugees from Afghanistan and who is doing what. Church of God of Prophecy and RAFFA will not be setting up our own projects to support these refugees, but RAFFA is in an ideal position to collect and share information.

We are communicating with significant local and national strategic partners and will circulate useful information to our church networks and community groups as soon as we are able

Please could you contact Angela Clarke ( urgently with the following information so that we can collate and disseminate.

  1. If your local church, friends or community group is in direct contact with families or contacts in Afghanistan it would be helpful to share first-hand information about their current experiences. Whilst the News media are helpful sources of information, they can never tell the whole story, therefore alternative sources of information are very helpful to understand the unfolding situation and thus aid our prayer initiatives.
  2. The Home Office and Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government have been contacting local authorities about settling Afghan refugees.  It would be very helpful to know city by city or town by town how Councils are planning to respond and how they plan to involve Faith groups, voluntary and community sector.
  3. We know that there are many specialist Afghan community organisations, refugee support organisations and faith/community organisations who are mobilising support and resources.  Could you tell us
    1. Organisations that you know are active – yourselves or others.
    2. What kind of support is being provided or planned.
    3. How others can help.

We thank you in advance for your most prompt response and do encourage you to continue in prayer for God’s direct intervention in this human tragedy.

With every blessing

Tedroy M Powell                                           Angela Clarke

National Presiding Bishop                              Chief Executive Officer – RAFFA