Project Description


In February, the free churches groups travelled to the Dominican Republic along with a member of our RAFFA team and nine other representatives from six denominations. The purpose of the visit was to see the challenges faced by the residents of this beautiful nation and review the work that compassion is doing underground.

Passions work in the Milliken Republic began in 1970. More than 65,254 children participated in more than 178 child development centres. According to their report, over 55% of the population between 0 and 2 years of age and 49% of those aged between 13 and 18 live in poverty.

Child labour is a huge problem. For many families, it is considered essential to teach children a trade, but its reality children are denied an education and exploited in dangerous conditions.

Many parents are desperate to improved opportunities for their children have been tricked into sending children away as domestic servants or doubt into prostitution and drug trafficking.

As Angela Clark National Executive Director reflects on her time spent in the Dominican Republic she remarks “it was a privilege and an honour to visit some of the projects, meet with beneficiaries and explore potential collaborations with a joint partnership between RAFFA and Compassion internationally”.


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